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5 Things you must Learn before Applying for an Accountant Job

Created by Khata Business Academy in Accounting 27 Jul 2022

Wow! You've decided you'd like to start your career in the field of accounting. The only problem is that you aren't very knowledgeable about accounting. Documentation. Recording. Reporting. These words can be intimidating and confusing since you just graduated of your college degree and do not have the necessary skills and experience to this area.

Let's get started!

In essence, accountants are highly educated financial professionals who document and prepare financial documents. It is based on your preferences you might consider accounting as an appealing career choice. But, to become a proficient accountant you'll need to be able to meet a range of training and educational requirements. If you have the right qualifications and guidance, you'll be qualified to become an accountant quickly and grow your career.

It is well-known that trying to begin a career in a field in which you don't have any prior experience can be stressful. For accountants, it's a blessing that accounting is among those areas that do not require a particular qualification. On the other hand, business classes such as BBA, BBS and MBA can be a big assistance, however accounting can be learned and applied by almost everyone who is interested in the field.

Anyone is able to begin an accounting career.

This comprehensive guide is intended to serve as a reference for those who are interested in pursuing accounting careers. In this article is an the steps accountants need to accomplish, a discussion of the requirements for learning, as well as suggested steps to start their career.

Get online certificates.

When you first start your journey into accounting You'll need to ensure you know the fundamentals. There are a variety of methods to learn such as books blog posts, YouTube videos including classes, news about business workshops, classes, and much more. (The internet is truly an interactive place.) We believe that online classes and certifications are the most popular because they give you two advantages: you can learn about the practical aspects of corporate accounting and they can be included on your resume or CV.

However, there are differences. Not all courses and courses are created equal. If you're looking to improve your resume and CV it is recommended to consider programs that are well-known within the field. Khata Business Academy has been continually developing and offering the complete corporate accounting course and mentorship course that you will definitely connect to.

If you're unfamiliar with our institution, KBA designs and deliver Corporate Accounting Courses and Mentorship Program. But we're also known for our online learning system.

The Corporate Accounting course is an online and includes e-books live video, Excel templates, and accounting software are utilized as learning tools. The Mentorship program, too, is like internships, in which you must be present physically and complete all the tasks that are required with an accountant, under the direction by the mentor of your choice.

Make sure you update your resume:

Once you've earned at least one or two certificates to showcase the new skills you've acquired and expertise, it's the time to show it off on your resume/CV.

The first thing to discuss is your resume's design.

I'm not sure if you've experienced the same thing however, I was being constantly informed that resumes need to appear "professional" that meant it had to be presented in a standard Word file format and without color or design that were any sort, which is also a sign of no creativity. I believed that this was the most appropriate way to go for a long time until I met an expert on job recruiters in an industry workshops we attended together . It totally changed my outlook.

Check out this photo below. What do you think is the most attractive?

Once I realized this, I began teaching students to write their resumes using Canva. Canva offers many resume designs that you can modify to reflect your individual style. When our students applied to internships using this updated resume, they got lots of compliments our program received a new viewpoint. Khata Business Academy also provides specific resume templates that are perfect for students who are fresher and seeking the Accounting Job.

Achieve a complete accounting internship while attending college. Experience working for any company or company will provide the chance to determine whether you're interested in pursuing your career in accounting. The majority of companies require that entry-level candidates be familiar with the accounting industry prior to being employed. Some firms may require more than a year of work experience. You might want to consider a variety of jobs or ones that are long-term so that you can be extremely competitive on the market for jobs.

Internships also give you with a massive increase in your confidence about corporate matters, communication tax structures, and more. It will also aid you over the long term, i.e., in your journey to becoming an accountant!

Our mentorship program could be considered the perfect complement to an internship. It covers the whole accounting career and allows you to practice the various functions and responsibilities to be fulfilled. To be eligible for enrollment in our mentorship program , you have to pass the Assessment for the Corporate Accounting Course first.

Find a entry-level job at an accounting or auditing company. Congratulations, you've completed a course to become certified as well as completed your internship, and updated your resume or CV. It's now time to start applying for a position in accounting. You should be prepared with your knowledge, skills and techniques to communicate for interview. In addition to accounting skills and experience, employers are usually searching for managerial basics in addition.


Since accountants hold in the top tier of effective and sensitive job in an organization. They are able to access the management of expenses, procurement accounting, sales, and financial reporting. The long-term success and the goals of any business are usually dependent on the managing their Finance Department and accountants are professionals who manage the future of these functions.

Think about earning a master's degree. It's common in Nepal that students in business immediately begin to pursue an MBA or a similar master's degrees after they have graduated. Of course the academic standing of a student gets improved through this process, however their practical training and the relevance of a the Master's degree program is diminishing in value. The programs like MBA and MBS are of great value only if they are associated with business experience and exposure to the real world.

What then?

What do we use MBA enhance our professional development?

The simple answer is to pursue a Master's degree only after having the business sector for some period of time. This could be in the form of an employment or running your own business or the start-up phase. Any type of profile in the business world like marketing, accounting sales, etc. will help.

In terms of growth and development in your accounting careers is concerned, MBA/MBS will aid you in understanding financial modelling and reporting frameworks analysis of budgets advanced taxation, and much other topics. These are the subjects which will help you advance your career as an accountant to Account's Manager, and then the position of CFO (Chief Financial Manager). This is all we require for our advancement in our careers right?

Get your Practical Accounting Course!

A final word of wisdom:

Beginning a career as the accountant of Nepal is both challenging and rewarding. A lot of businesses do not have the effective accounting framework and structure for reporting. In addition, accountants on the market are not proficient in a variety of business-related competencies such as Tax Filing Reconciliation, Documentation, and many more.

Here's the advantage for students who are fresh. It is possible to acquire all essential skills as soon as possible , and be able to get into the workforce with a better prospects and expertise.

Best of luck with the accounting Career!

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