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Accountant's Glossary

Created by Khata Business Academy in Taxation 27 Jul 2022

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    Account      Accountant      Accounting      Accounting Equation  
    Accounting Period      Accounting Software      Accrual Basis  
    Accrued Expenses      Accrued Interest      Acquisition      Amortization  
    Analyze     Annual Report      Asset      Audit      Auditor's Report  


    Bad Debt      Balance Sheet      Bank Reconciliation      Bank Statement  
    Bookkeeping      Budget  


    Capital      Capital Expenditure      Capitalize      Cash Account  
    Cash Basis Accounting      Cash Dividend      Cash Equivalent  
    Cash Flow      Chart of Accounts      Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)      Closing Entry      Closing Inventory  
    Closing the Books      Commission      Common Stock      Company  
    Compensatory Balance      Compound Interest Principles  
    Comprehensive Income      Confirmation      Conservatism  
    Consistency      Consolidated Financial Statements      Contingent Liability  
    Contra Account      Convertible Stock      Copyright      Corporate Income TAX  
    Cost Accounting      Cost Analysis Report      Cost Basis      Cost of Capital  
    Cost of Goods Sold      Credit      Creditor      Current Asset      Current Liability  
    Current Ratio  


    Debenture      Debit Balance      Debt      Debtor      Declaration of Dividend  
    Deferred Charge      Deferred Income      Deferred Income Tax      Deficit  
    Demand Loan      Depreciation      Direct Labour Cost      Direct Material  
    Direct Overhead      Directors      Discount      Discount Rate  
    Distribution Expense      Dividend      Documentation  
    Double Entry Bookkeeping      Due Date  


    Earning per Share      Economics      Effective Interest      Effective Tax Rate  
    Entrepreneur      Equity      Equity Account      Estimated Tax      Exchange Rate  
    Excise Duty      Exempt Organization      Exemption      Exim Code      Expenses  


    Filing of Returns      Finance       Financial Institution      Financial Position  
    Financial Statements       Finished Goods Inventory      First In, First Out (FIFO)   
    Fiscal Year       Fixed Assets      Fixed Costs       Fixed Price      Foreign Exchange   
    Franchise      Freight In      Freight Out  


    General Ledger      Going Concern      Goodwill      Gross Margin      Gross Profit  



    Import      Income      Income from operation      Income Statement  
    Incorporation      Indirect Cost      Indirect Labour Cost      Inflation  
    Inland Revenue Department (IRD)      Intangible Asset      Interest  
    Interest Rate      Internal Audit      Inventory      Inventory Turnover  
    Investment      Investment Income      Invoice  


    Joint Venture      Journal      Journal Entry  



    Labour      Last In First Out (LIFO)      Lease      Ledger      Legal Compliance      Lessee  
    Lessor      Letter of Credit      Liabilities      Liquid Assets       Loan  
    Long-Term Asset      Long-Term Debt      Long-Term Investment  
    Long-Term Liability       Loss  


    Management      Management's Report      Manual Accounting      Manufacture  
    Margin of Profit      Market Value      Marketing      Matching Principle      Mortgage  


    Net Current Assets      Net Income      Net Loss      Non-Profit Organization  


    Operating Cycle      Operating Expense      Outstanding      Overhead  
    Owner's Equity  


    PAN      Parent Company      Partnership      Payroll      Petty Cash  
    Physical Inventory      Prepaid Expense      Principal      Profit  
    Profit and Loss Statement      Profit Margin      Profitability      Projection  
    Property, Plant and Equipment      Purchase      Purchase Order  
    Purchase Discounts      Purchase Return  


    Quarterly Reports      Quick Assets  


    Ratio Analysis      Raw Materials      Receipts      Reconciliation      Record 
    Report/Reporting      Reserve      Retained Earning      Return on Equity  
    Return on Investment      Revenue  


    Sales      Sales Discount      Sales Tax      Security  
    Selling, General & Administration Expenses      Services      Share  
    Shareholder      Short-Term Debt      Short-Term Investment      Sole Proprietorship  
    Statement of Cash Flow      Statement of Owner's Equity      Stock Market  
    Straight-Line Depreciation      Subsidiary      Surplus  


    Tangible Asset      Tax      Tax Credit      TAX Year      Taxable Income      Term Loan 
    Total Cost     Trading     Trademark     Transaction      Trend Analysis 
    Trial Balance      Turnover 




    Valuation     Value Added Tax      Variable Cost 


    Wage     Wholesale     Withholding TAX (TDS)      Work in Progress     Working Capital 





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